So, Why Should You Work With A Dr. Phillips Florida Real Estate Agent?

However, even though this information is readily available, it is still important for you to take note of the fact that you may not really be able to sell or buy a home online if you do not have the right kind of representation. Even though there are some people who may do this and succeed, most of them dont. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should choose to work with a Dr. Phillips Florida Real Estate agent as soon as possible.

* They have experience and education You do not really have to take the time to know about real estate business if you hire a Dr. Phillips Florida Real Estate agent. The trick is here is to make sure that you are able to find the right person which is why hiring an agent from Dr. Philips is a good idea. You should be sure that they are going to make use of all their experience and education to ensure that you are able to get the best possible deals. They will also work to ensure that you are going to be able to get exactly what it is that you are looking for.

* Agents at Dr. Phillips Florida Real Estate are known to be buffers What this means is that these agents are going to work to ensure that you get the deal that you deserve. In the case that you are a new home seller or a buyer, then the agents will work the very best to keep everything at bay with the main aim or ensuring that all your interests are protected. They will also work their magic and ensure that they are able to get hold of serious buyers or sellers who are going to write for you an offer as soon as possible.

* These agents have the right knowledge of the neighborhood Hiring a Dr. Phillips Florida Real Estate agent may be very beneficial to you especially if you are planning of either selling or buying a home that is In Florida. Since they understand how things around them work, they are going to identify all the comparable sales that are in that area and give you all the information that they are going to collect. They are also going to point you to a direction whereby you will be able to find the necessary data in regards to the crime rate, schools available as well as the demographics of the area.

How Brexit affects Real Estate


It all came as a shock to everyone when Britain announced that it was leaving the European Union. This was not just a statement because there are ripple effects being experienced all over.

Before the Brexit vote, most European real estate was holding its value, with the biggest exception being high-end London condominiums and mansions. Now, more widespread price declines are expected, with London office property leading the list.

In all, London could lose 100,000 jobs to Europe, according to an estimate from Jefferies International Ltd. Green Street Advisors, a real-estate tracker, estimates that weakening demand will push London office values down by 15% to 20% over about 18 months.

In China, some investors considering London properties see Brexit as a buying opportunity. Chinese conglomerate Fosun Group, which has multiple investments in Europe including property, said it would “proactively grab opportunities for value investments.”

Meanwhile, investors around the world are likely to watch and wait.

“Nobody is rushing to do anything,” said Craig Hughes, global real-estate leader at accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Brexit “has brought huge risks, but also major opportunities.”

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Foreign investors are moving in. they are taking advantage of the tumbling pound, a situation that makes the exchange rates affordable.

Overseas property buyers are snapping up London property after the shock decision for the UK to leave the EU, even as domestic buyers, spooked by uncertainty, pull out.

Estate agents in the UK have been swamped with calls from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian and Spanish buyers looking for a bargain after the pound tumbled to more than 30-year lows, making the exchange rate very favourable for foreign buyers.

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The decision to exit the European Union does not only affect European countries but other countries around the world as well. The global markets are shaken and especially the global real estate markets. One good example of a country that is already feeling the pinch is Canada.

Interest rates will remain low

The immediate impact of the post-Brexit vote on Canada’s economy will be pressure to keep interest rates at historically low levels, explained BMO chief economist Douglas Porter and senior economist Robert Kavcic in a report last week. This is, in part, because other segments of our country’s economy would feel the impact of the Brexit fall-out, such as the nearly $16 billion in products we export to the U.K.

Expect fewer Brits on our shore

This uncertainty, and its impact on the British pound and the Euro, could prompt a portion of the 725,000 Brits who travelled to Canada last year to rethink their vacation plans, explains Walter Melanson, founder and lead analyst at “That doesn’t mean Canadians with vacation rentals should expect a loss in income, as the uncertainty in Europe has certainly helped the U.S. dollar and that could mean more visitations from our neighbours down south.”

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